Who we are

Today’s media landscape offers more brand building opportunities than ever before.

But how to define a strategy that works cost effectively and how to organise? That’s where we come in. Packed with experience we make creativity and technology work in a smart way. Together we outsmart.


After working at Woedend! Niels co-founded Social Embassy and later managed digital creative agency Isobar. He’s the sort of guy that puts a smile on your face because things get done when he’s on the case. Collaborates with top freelance creatives to get the best digital creative work for brands done.

Outsmart is your micro agency

When I started Outsmart back in 2018 it’s founded on the believe that companies need a the best possible people on the tast to be completed.

The problem

For many businesses or marketing agencies, committing to employing someone on a semi-permanent basis is something they can’t easily do, but outsourcing to tried and tested professional allows huge benefits with flexibility. It’s also a great short term solution to resolving a range of immedeate requirements.

For a lot of clients, a marketing or creative agency might be more than needed, but freelancers on the whole tend to be specialists, who you need to invest time in managing and overseeing their work. With Outsmart we wanted to create a base in the middle of both camps, giving specialist knowledge but also personally delivering the work, saving clients time and money.

Creating the Outsmart proposition

When I setup Outsmart, I knew I wanted to bring my expertise of marketing for businesses and agencies into creating something special and different to anything else out there. Not that there is anything wrong with agencies or the freelance model as such, but i wanted to bring my own stamp and broad marketing knowledge to a unique client experience.

That’s why we created a new kind of agency; a micro agency. From eight years in different roles as an account manager and commercial director, I’d been told I was a safe pair of hands to handle projects. With my history in marketing management and more recent focus on digital marketing strategy, I was able to plan and implement successful campaigns and raise the bar for standards in areas such as social media.

It almost felt like a natural progression that this would all come together in a unique service offering. Outsmart is a place where clever ideas meet effective delivery. Due to my marketing background, I want to ensure that every penny works hard for clients, with commercial objectives being pivotal to success. And all at excellent value too. I often hear from clients who’ve had a bad experience elsewhere, for various reasons, and need someone to pick things up and often resolve mistakes. It’s often at this stage people wish they’d invested that little bit more initially to save all the money and heartache, but being real problem solvers, we can help!

By bringing in the right people only as and when needed, working remotely and leanly it is possible to pass the savings on to the client and offer an excellent value, but high quality service.

Selecting our partners

What’s really exciting about Outsmart for me though is the opportunity to pick the best team and skills for the job in hand and work with them as a team. As someone who oversees every project through the door, I can start adding value the minute a brief lands, something I’d been working on in previous strategy roles. Selecting the right talent for each job means having an excellent network of trusted contacts, something I’ve enjoyed building up over the years, and will continue to do so.

Developing the brand

Outsmart literally means ‘to be smarter. To me, it’s all about making something happen and bringing the work to fruition, something which I really value myself. Outsmart as a name embodies the full service approach of a managed service – everything under one (small) roof. Whether it’s your digital audit, marketing plan, business change, a new campaign or all-important web project, it’s managed from start to finish. Sometimes there’s nothing worse than having a great idea and not being able to implement it for fear of failure. As the saying goes “better to try, fail and adapt than to not try at all.”