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Trots dat we deze bedrijven in staat stellen hun markten te slim af te zijn.

E-commerce at de Kuyper | Outsmart

E-commerce at de Kuyper

E-commerce is one of the key strategic priorities at de Kuyper. Or to say it slightly different: a ‘must win battle’. Outsmart supports de Kuyper by building the e-commerce strategy, setup the roadmap for succes and guide them in a two week sprint approach to get the job done.

And no, it’s not just about managing the process but our expertise is used in several different projects to give it the right boost.

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Netherlands Sotheby's International Realty | Outsmart

On-line marketing Netherlands Sotheby’s International Realty

Netherlands Sotheby’s International Realty staat bekend om het mooiste en meest bijzondere woningaanbod. Outsmart ondersteunt het team in Nederland om alle on-line marketingactiviteiten naar een hoger niveau te brengen met de lancering van een nieuwe website, vernieuwende marketing- en communicatie via nieuwsbrieven en content voor de social media kanalen.

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TheyDo | Outsmart

Challenging the status quo for TheyDo

TheyDo developed technology that helps companies to create a better cooperation during innovation projects. The platform of TheyDo gives companies the possibility to innovate quicker, with a better focus and even more succesful.

Outsmart guides the founders of TheyDo by thinking through the strategy of the company and sounding through challenges on a monthly basis.

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Rebuilding the Coresta brand

Rebuilding the Coresta brand

Coresta is a construction company that focusses on the development of properties on the healthcare market and social housing. Outsmart developed the new identity of the company, researched the different target audiences and guided the development of the new brand assets (website, etc.).

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Sonneborgh | Outsmart


Sonneborgh is an real estate project development company and investor. We support them in their daily communication via social media and e-mail newsletters and create demand for their investmentfunds.

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Bond3D | Outsmart


Bond3D is on a mission to transform the manufacturing of essential parts for critical applications. We are supporting them in setting up all communications means and managing their social channels, e-mail newsletters and lead generation.

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KaasKlub | Outsmart


Setup of the market introduction of the Kaasklub. The Kaasklub offers a subscription based model to receive (bi)weekly the best local cheese. Responsible for the marketing strategy & guidance on delivery.

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